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Elite Quality Car Camera with Evolved Features.
Sleek looks & Superior Function
  • Its low key design and high quality recording components make the FHD 1080P dash cam a superb road guardian, eye witness, and viral video catcher.
  • Expect exceptional performance with its new and improved features.
Amazing Clarity

A 1920 x 1080P super HD 26M pixel display so you can see footage and camera activity clearly at all times.
Wider Angles For More Coverage

Its 170 degree angle reveals a fuller scene, so you can capture more of your surroundings.
6 LED Infrared Night Vision

Capture footage after dark with 6 powerful LED infrared lights. No nocturnal activity can escape the elite FHD 1080P.
Anti-shock technology

This means continual, smooth footage over bumpy backroads, broken down city streets, and shaky highways.
Surround Sound

Round speaker rotates as it floats so music can be heard perfectly from all corners of the room.
Commanded by a QualComm 4core CPU

The FHD 180P works quickly, with razor sharp efficiency. It’s designed for greatness from the inside out.
Motion Detection

Designed to make the most of its storage space, the FHD 1080P stops recording when no movement is detected. This feature is your SD card’s best friend.
Perpetual Video Looping

With this continual recording feature, the camera memory is never full. The new FHD 1080P recycles old footage, so you’ll never miss the latest action.
F1.6 Super Camera Lens that Deflects Light

Light reflections don’t stand a chance. The FHD 180P’s high quality lens neutralizes light reflections to ensure optimal picture and display clarity.
G-Sensor Technology

When an impact occurs, recording automatically begins. You’ll capture crucial crash footage even when your dash camera is turned off.
Embedded with Wide Dynamic Range Technology

The new FHD 1080P has the power to dynamically differentiate between similar colors and objects making it easy to clearly see key details like license plate numbers, car make/model, and people inside their vehicles.
Rear Camera Option

The FHD 180P dash camera can have one set of eyes, or two. With our upgrade option, you get a 158 degree rear view camera added to increases your POV parameters and capture even more footage. (Standard FHD 180P comes with front view camera only)
The Bottom Line? Peace of mind.